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Terms and conditions

1. Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions will apply to all orders submitted for any products supplied by W-YO® and before entering into contract for purchase all customers must read the terms and conditions. All customers are deemed upon submitting an order to have read the terms and conditions and to be bound by them.

2. Definitions

• Corresponding meaning:

“The Company/Supplier” means

“Customer/Buyer” means the person,
firm or company who purchases
goods from the Company.

“Goods” means the products agreed
to be supplied to the Customer by the Company.

“Order” means any order placed by
the customer for supply of Goods by
the Company.

“Delivery Date” means the date upon which the Goods are to be delivered by the Company to the Customer.

“Purchase Price” means the
price of each of the Goods.

“Delivery Date” means the date upon which the Goods are delivered to the Customer.

3. Disclaimer

• The Company makes every effort to ensure that information contained within this website is accurate and up to date. The Company however makes no representation or warranty of any kind in respect of the information, its accuracy or reliability.

• The information on this website cannot be used for the purposes of diagnosis or treatment and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Before undertaking a course of supplements or strenuous exercise the Customer must consult their general practitioner.

• Please speak with an appropriate healthcare professional when evaluating any wellness related therapy.

Please read the full medical disclaimer before taking any of the products offered on this site.

4. Conditions of Sale

• Order

The Customer may place an Order for Products through this website by submitting a completed order form. The Company will confirm acceptance by way of email to the email address provided, which email shall constitute the contract as between the Company and the Customer, such contract to be on the terms set out herein.

• Price

All prices are inclusive of VAT.
The price applicable will be that
quoted on this website at the time of acceptance of the Order.
Delivery costs are not included
within the price.

• Payment Terms

Payment for the Goods will be made
by way of credit or debit card at the
time of Order.

The Customer warrants that the information contained within the Order is accurate and true and that they are duly authorised to use the credit or debit card offered by way of payment.

• Despatch and Delivery

The Company will make arrangements for delivery of the Products to the address specified in the Order.

In the absence of adequate delivery instructions the Company reserves the right to cancel the Order.

The Company shall have no liability in respect of late delivery.

The Goods shall be inspected by the Purchaser on receipt. The Company shall accept no liability in respect of damage to the Goods during transition unless notified to the Company within 5 days.

Risk of damage or loss to the Goods will pass to the Purchaser at the point at which the Goods are delivered to or collected by the Purchaser or its agent.

• Retention of Title

All rights in the Goods and in title to those Goods will remain with the Company until such a time as the Company has received in cash or cleared funds the Purchase Price and in the event of default the Company shall have the right to reclaim the Goods.